For children ages 3-5

Mountain Sprouts Preschool is open Monday-Friday, 7:45am-5:15pm. Children are welcome to arrive any time between 7:45am and 8:45am. Please check the calendar for school closures.

  • Part Day: 7:45am until 1:30pm (includes lunch time)

  • School Day: 7:45am until 3:30 pm (includes lunch and rest time)

  • Extended Day 7:45am-5:15pm (includes lunch and rest time)


After School 

For children ages 3-7

A Sprouts Staff will pick your child up from Telluride Elementary School at 3:10pm and walk them back to Mountain Sprouts.  The After School Program consists of special art projects, homework assistance, cooking, and outings. Schedules are flexible and can be set or on an 'as needed' basis. Mountain Sprouts Preschool will need a completed file and will need to meet your child prior to their first day in the program.

Summer Sprouts

For children age 3-5

During the summer months, Mountain Sprouts is proud to offer continued preschool classes. Currently, Mountain Sprouts is working to finalize details for the summer of 2019, as we plan to offer extended days and hours, Monday though Friday to better meet the needs of our community. Feel free to contact us with questions.