Substitute Teachers

Mountain Sprouts is always accepting applications for qualified substitute teachers. Please contact board {at} sprouts telluride {dot} com to submit your details and resume. 

Assistant Teacher


  • Follow the lead of the Lead Teacher.

  • Work with all staff in planning and implementing a program that strives to meet the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of each child.

  • Actively participate in the maintaining of a clean, safe, healthy, orderly, and efficient classroom environment conducive to the growth and development of children. Classroom atmosphere should be pleasant, inviting and comfortable for adults and children.

  • Responsible for “housekeeping duties” as needed, always leave a clean kitchen!

  • Be familiar with primary and secondary evacuation routes and emergency procedures.

  • Know who is allowed to pick up each child in the room.

  • Work with children during indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Bring issues and concerns to the Lead Teacher and work with the other staff to resolve.

  • Attend all classroom staff meetings.

  • Seek, attend and document 15 hours of training each year.

  • Be responsible for knowing and making sure children adhere to state licensing standards throughout the day.

  • Treat all children equally…no favorites.

  • Answer phone, document and file messages to appropriate staff members.

  • Any other tasks assigned by Lead Teacher.


  • Interact frequently with the children. Express respect for and affection toward children by smiling, touching, holding and speaking to children at their eye level throughout the day.

  • Be aware of the activities of the entire group even when dealing with a small group by looking up frequently from activities. Do not turn away from children to speak to other adults.

  • Encourage pro-social behavior among children, such as cooperation, helping, taking turns and talking to solve problems.

  • Assist children to be comfortable, relaxed, and happy and involved in play and other activities. Encourage children to verbalize their feelings and ideas.

  • Never use any form of physical punishment (such as spanking, slapping or inappropriate handling). Use of any form of physical punishment will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

To apply, please send your statement of interest and resume/experience to